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How do damage deposits work? (for owners)

Please note, that this is in place to cover physical damage to your property (such as broken items) and should not be used for indirect costs you are able to itemize in your account (for example: cleaning costs, utility bills or additional guest fees)

How damage deposits work:

  • You decide on the size of the damage deposit. Make any changes here.

  • The guest pays the damage deposit when settling the full balance for their holiday, and we hold their damage deposit until the end of their stay.

  • You’ll be reminded by email when the guest checks out. From this date, you’ll have seven days to report any damage.

  • If you have no damages to report no further action is required and the guest won’t be charged. If you need to raise a claim, find out more here.

  • We’ll email you to let you know when the damage deposit has been processed.

Booked directly with you

If guests didn’t pay via our online booking service, they will have paid the damage deposit directly to you, so you’ll need to refund them directly.

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