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How do I manage my SMS alerts?

By signing up for free SMS alerts (text messages) you'll hear about new inquiries and booking requests in an instant.


You can quickly sign up by following these steps:

  • Go to Contact Settings

  • Make sure your mobile number is added and verified, including the country code

  • Enter the verification code you receive - it should arrive straight away but may take up to 15 minutes (your phone must be turned on to receive it). If you can’t receive the verification code via text message, you can request an automated phone call

  • ​Under Notification settings, select Text messages ON (if it's not already selected)

Please note: to receive SMS alerts your mobile needs to be switched on and you’ll need to be in an area with signal.


Have a smartphone?

Download our mobile app to receive instant alerts on your iPhone or Android device and quickly manage inquiries and bookings via your account.


Why am I not receiving SMS alerts?

There are a number of reasons why our SMS alerts are not reaching your mobile device:

  • The mobile phone number we hold for you is wrong or incorrectly formatted

  • The number listed in your account is a landline number, not a mobile phone number

  • Your phone is switched off or is out of signal - this shouldn't prevent us from sending alerts, it should only prevent you from receiving them immediately

To check or amend the number we have for you, please go to Contact settings in your account.

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