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What are the differences between HouseTrip and TripAdvisor Rentals?

What does being part of TripAdvisor Rentals mean?
Being part of the TripAdvisor Rentals family means you’ll gain exposure to over 350 million TripAdvisor travelers a month, resulting in more traffic and higher earning possibilities. You’ll also get access to our easy-to-use owner dashboard and highly-rated app.

What differences will I see on my new owner platform?
Please note that there will be some differences between your HouseTrip and TripAdvisor dashboards, as well as the way your listing is displayed.
We’ve listed the main differences below.
Rates, taxes and fees

  • Your TripAdvisor listing has base and seasonal rates. Seasonal rates are set up for a specific period of time, e.g. high season, Christmas, etc. and only apply on dates that are available on your calendar. Base rates are applied during any periods of time where you haven’t set up seasonal rates.

  • Any custom fees that you want to charge (e.g. cleaning fee, pet fee etc.) can be set up on your owner platform and charged as part of the booking taken on our secure online platform, so you don’t need to charge them separately.

  • Your damage deposit can be added on your Booking policies section. When a traveler makes a booking, the damage deposit is included in the total amount. Once the holiday is over, we’ll take care of sending it back to the guest, so you don’t need to charge for it separately.  

TripAdvisor’s fees

  • TripAdvisor Rentals applies a booking fee, which is calculated as a percentage of the total rental cost. This fee is variable and typically charged between 8% and 14.5% of the rental rate. It’s sometimes lower, but not higher. Owners pay a booking commission of 3% (excl. VAT). The booking commission is retained from the rental cost you’ve set up on your account. For example, if your rental cost is €100 and you pay VAT, you will receive €100 - €3.60 (incl.VAT) = €96.40 and the traveler will pay between €108 and €114.50.

Your payment

  • We’ll send you the payment for your booking 24 hours after the start of the holiday. If you have a PayPal account, the money should be received within 24h. If you prefer to be paid into your bank account, the transfer can take up to 3-5 working days

  • We only send payments on working days, so please note that if your payout is due on a weekend or bank holiday, we will send it the following working day.

Where will my listing be shown?

  • After 18 July 2016, your active properties will be visible on HouseTrip and TripAdvisor websites.

How can a guest book my property on the new HouseTrip website?

  • Guests can send an inquiry to which you need to respond with a quote to secure the booking. This is the same as HouseTrip’s On Request booking model

  • Guests can also send a booking request which you need to accept or decline within 24 hours. This booking model is similar to HouseTrip’s 36h Instant booking

  • Guests won’t be able to book on HouseTrip’s 0h Instant booking model after 18 July 2016

Booking management

  • Your bookings will all be taken and paid for on the secure TripAdvisor vacation rental platform

  • Any booking made before 18 July 2016 now has a new a booking ID starting with 'BR' and can be located on your My bookings section. Please note that you can't edit those bookings online. If you need to cancel a booking, please follow the instructions on the conversation page with the guest.

  • Any booking ID starting with ‘BR’  (made after 18 July 2016) you can manage on your TripAdvisor owner centerYou can edit a booking without having to cancel it directly from your Inbox

  • Travelers can pay in one full payment or a split payment of booking deposit and balance. You can set this up in your Booking policies section

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