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What is my Response rate and why is it important?

What is my Response rate and how is it calculated?

Your Response rate is a measure of whether or not you’ve responded within 24 hours to your last 20 inquiries or booking requests*. If you’ve not yet received 20, the percentage is based on those you have received. 

* Dates as far back as two years.

How can I improve my Response rate?

For a 100% response rate, reply within 24 hours to every inquiry and Accept or Decline every booking request you receive.

Replies that are counted towards your response rate:

  • Hitting reply from the inquiry notification email we've sent to your personal email address. The response still goes via your TripAdvisor Inbox, so it’s counted.

  • Replying via your TripAdvisor Inbox.

  • Responding via our free mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Have an annual listing?
Phone calls are not counted towards your response rate. Follow it up with a quick email so we know you’ve responded and we can count it in your rate calculation.

Other tips

  • Think the inquiry is fake? Some travelers send the same message to multiple properties; they’re still a potential guest with a genuine inquiry so it’s best to still respond.

  • Convinced it’s fake? It may be if the traveler asks you to contact them directly (outside of our system), or if the email is sent from an unfamiliar address. Just reply with something like: “I think this is spam, please let me know if not” in to your response.

  • Sent yourself a test inquiry? Respond to that too.

  • Received duplicate inquiries from the same person? If they were sent within 24 hours you only need to reply to one inquiry for a response to be counted. Any duplicate inquiries sent beyond the 24 hours will need a reply.

  • Not receiving text message alerts? Go to Contact settings to verify your mobile number. You’ll then receive a text message the minute a guest inquiries about your property.

  • Using the email address in your text message alert won’t be counted towards your response rate. Respond to the inquiry via the TripAdvisor inbox, via your personal email, or via the app.

  • Have a smartphone? Our free owner app makes it easy to manage bookings from your Apple or Android device.

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